About Tim Heneghan

Husband. Father. Coach. Community Leader.

A proud resident of Edison Park, Tim Heneghan is a true family man. Tim and his wife Stacy have three college-age children, Brendan, Megan, and Nolan. Having lived in the 41st ward for over 20 years, Tim is committed to being an active member of the community. Tim's record of leadership and volunteerism speak to his dedication to the betterment of the community.

Tim is a:

  • Retired 27 year Firefighter with the Village of Elmwood Park Fire Department
  • Former President of the Elmwood Park Firefighters Association
  • Contract negotiator for 25+ years - spanning 7 contracts
  • Negotiating fair wages and benefits for his brothers and sisters
  • Former card carrying member of Chicago Mailers Union Local #2
  • Former card carrying member of Laborers Local #118
  • 4 term member of the Ebinger Local School Council and Former Chair of the Principal Evaluation Committee
  • Volunteer Athletic Director and coach of several teams and programs at Ebinger School for the past decade
  • Volunteer coach and mentor to the neighborhood boys and girls for over 21 years
  • 2015 Illinois Coaches Basketball Association - Coach of the Year

As Alderman, Tim will:

  • Deliver the Residents of the 41st Ward Their Fair Share of City Services
  • Maintain an Accessible Office with Dedicated Weekend Hours
  • Actively Support an Elected School Board
  • Work Toward Expanding the Residential Sound Insulation Program
  • Follow a Neighborhood Based Approach to Zoning & Development
  • Refuse to Accept a City Pension


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City Services

Getting our fair share of city services has been a major issue for the 41st Ward. We have been underserved by this current administration.

In my travels throughout the Ward I have met and spoken to hundreds of residents about their concerns. I have seen many cases of neglect. Flooding has been a big problem for many homes and their calls have gone unanswered.

Our streets are terrible, cars get damaged all the time. Street and alley light repair, garbage can replacement, and tree trimming, are just some of the simple city services that we all need and haven’t received our fair share of attention to.

As your Alderman I will meet regularly with city service commissioners. I will keep constant dialogue with them to make sure they know what we need done in 41. I will be personally involved in your service requests. My staff will follow up on all calls. Providing the service that you deserve is the most important part of my job.


Aircraft Noise

Airplane noise was as hot a topic four years ago as it is now. Alderman Napolitano stated in 2015 that he would fix airplane noise. Since his time in office things aren’t better, they are worse. Napolitano voted to lengthen runway 27L/9R, the runway which loud cargo planes land from midnight until 6:00 a.m. Because of his vote, even more loud cargo planes are landing in the middle of the night than ever before.

We have no representation from elected office on the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission. Napolitano has no seat at the table to advocate for us. His attendance at important Chicago Aviation Committee meetings is very poor missing over 25% of meetings…Again, he is not advocating for the 41st Ward.

I will be a full time Alderman diligently working to obtain more city of Chicago funding for the Residential Sound Insulation Program. I will look to get more homes the relief that they need. I will attend all meetings and be that strong voice that we deserve with the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Request City Services

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Report Airplane Noise

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Municipal Pension funding is the most important challenge to the city of Chicago.

Alderman Napolitano has done nothing to help the pension crisis. In fact, Napolitano voted NO to funding Chicago Police and Fire pensions in 2015. He did so with no suggestion on how to fund them! We need solutions!

I will look to phase out the 143 TIF districts. Over $660,000,000 was procured from these TIF districts in 2017. These dollars can go towards pension obligations.

I support Pension Obligation Bonds. The City would issue bond money directly into the pension system, basically refinancing debt instead of acquiring new debt. The bond owner would be paid at a lower rate of interest, saving taxpayers money.

I support the legalization of recreational cannabis, sports wagering, and a Chicago owned and operated Casino. All proceeds to be locked into pension debt.


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